Located on the principal pedestrian route linking some of Malaga’s most important buildings and public spaces, the 650 seat concert hall and performance space was proposed in the open competition for the old Astoria / Victoria cinema site in Plaza de la Merced.


The building is designed to have a public presence when seen from all directions and its oval shape improves the visual connections into the square by creating a wider angle of view toward the Torrijos obelisk.


The hall and foyer are set on a podium, with the stage at the same level as the foyer so that they can be connected, giving new creative opportunities for performances.


The 14 meter high volume of the hall springs off the podium and the upper section of blank façade is wrapped with an oval ring of hotel rooms over three floors which are effectively hidden behind a screen of louvers to maintain the necessary architectural abstraction and gravitas appropriate to a public building.

(Open competition)

Concert Hall Malaga, Spain