Linz Musiktheater has a 1000 seat main hall with a 32 meter revolving stage, a smaller "blackbox" performance space, all with full production and technical support facilities. The commission was won through an open and anonymous architectural competition. 


In order to allow the new Opera house to open directly onto the Volksgarten, or 'People's Park', the project involved re-routing the city’s principal dual carriageway in the area of Blumau south of the city centre.

Together with the park, the new building provides a cultural focus at the end of the primary pedestrian route through the City, connecting it to the Hauptplatz and the River Danube. 
The vertical cadence of the façade has neoclassical overtones and this rhythm is further developed by the interior, with screens of increasing fineness being used to define the public areas and the main auditorium.

Opera House, Linz Austria
2006 - 2013